Technical Information


FILLOSOFT-ESCA is a widely used in printing ink, PVC, plastic, Rubber and building materials
Appearance:  white powder
Nature Calcium Stearate
Solubility Insoluble into water, soluble in certain oils FILLOSOFT-ESCA:
· Identical grain size, low oil absorption value.
· To reduce the cost of products and to make products have good foamed effect.
· To enhance hardness, rigidity, size stability, fireretardantness, and glossiness of products.
· In rigid PVC products, it can accelerate gelation, enhance cold impact strength, eliminate plate out, and improve surface gloss.


Application & Recommendation

FILLOSOFT-ESCA: is a filler for Soft PVC, like PVC Cable, electrical wire and plastic, extrusion & injecting mould, PVC profile & pipe, FRP etc. Suitable for the modification of PVC, PP, PE, ABS and HIPS. Fillers of Paint, Print ink, Plastic, Rubber, Adhesives, Pharmacy, Fodder, Paper-making, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), ABS, Building material, etc.


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