Technical Information


Epizoliquor FN-91 is a multi-purpose fatliquoring agent based on synthetic and natural condensated oils which can be used single or in combination with other fatliquors in any type of leather manufacturing. It has excellent light fastness property.
Typical properties  
Appearance:  Clear transparent brown liquid
Nature Condensation of synthetic and natural oils
Activity % 87 ± 1
Ionity Anionic
PH (1:10 solution) 6.5 - 7
Packing 100 KG PE drums
Storage Conditions Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area (20-25ºC), out of direct sunlight.



Acetic acid                     Excellent
Formic acid                    Excellent
Sulphuric acid                 Fair
Sodium bicarbonate        Good
Ammonia                       Good
Sodium chloride             Good


Epizoliquor FN-91 has a very good softening effect and imparts a very soft mellow handle to leather. This product gives a silky handle to any type of leather and has excellent light fastness and buffing effect.

It is specially recommended for Nappa, upholstery, softy and other soft leathers where the softness and feel is an important factor.
The dosage of consumption varies with the type o f leather and is 210% ( based on shaved weight in retanning).


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