Technical Information

EPIZOTAN FR-8800 (Acrylic retanning agent)

Epizotan FR-8800 is an acrylic retanning agent for full chrome leathers. It is compatible with synthetic and vegetable tanning agents, fatliquors, anionic dyes and other ionic products.
Appearance:  Transparent viscose liquid
Nature Acrylic
Ionity % Anionic
Moisture % 70 ± 1
PH (1:10 Solutuion) 6 - 7
Packing 100 Kgs PE drums
Storage Conditions Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area (15-25ºC), out of direct sunlight.



Epizotan FR-8800 is applied with other types of Epizotans to obtain full and soft leather. When it is combined with
Epizotan FR-5400, more fullness is obtained.

Epizotan FR-8800 acts as a very good filling agent for flanks
of the skins or hides. Before retannage, the leathers must be neutralized well. In the case of vacuum drying, small dose of this product at the top, makes the grain very fine and glossy and fixes the other chemicals. The dosage of consumption depends on the type of leather and required effect and varies between 2-3% (based on shaved weight). It has good light fastness property in white crust.

After Neutralization:
80% Water 35°C
X% Dye 45-60’
1-1.5% Epizotan FR-8800
2-3% Epizotan FR-5400 30’ + Other retanning agents

For better efficiency, after main Fatliquoring :
0.5% Formic Acid 30’
1-2% Epizotan FR-8800 30’
0.5% Formic Acid 30’


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