Technical Information


EPIZOTAN CRS is a homogenous synthesized chromium containing syntan which can be used both in tanning and retanning stages.
Typical properties  
Appearance:  Greenish powder
Nature Homogenous synthesized chrome containing syntan
Chromium oxide( Cr2O3)  11 - 13%
PH( 1: 10 solution) 3 - 4
Solid content Min. 95%
Density @ 20 °C 0.5 – 0.6 gr/cm3
Packing 25 Kgs PE bags



Epizotan CRS is fully hemogenized and synthesized chrome syntan and not a simple mixture of powders.
It is reaction product of a specific filling syntan and chrome sulphate, spray dried consequently to achieve very fine powder.

Epizotan CRS can be used in pret anning and tanning and gives pleasant handle and out st anding dyeabilit y.
It also increases tear resistance, very fine tight grain and obtains equal color shades.


1-3% prior t o neutralizat ion ( based on shaved weight) .


1- 2% aft er pickling ( based on pelt weight ) in t he same bath.


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