Technical Information


EPIZOTAN FHMN is a re-tanning agent, based on amino resins, for the retannage of all types of chrome
leathers. EPIZOTAN FHMN brings an increase in leather fullness, especially for the more loose
structured areas of the hide
EPIZOTAN FHMN improves the grain tightness, encourages the buffing and printing properties and
improves the dye leveling.
Typical properties  
Basis  Amino resin
Appearance Light brown powder
Charge  anionic
PH (1:10 Solutuion) Approx. 9.5
Light fastness good
Heat yellowing good



In the re-tannage between 3 and 6 % of EPIZOTAN FHMN, based on the shaved weight, is recommended.
EPIZOTAN FHMN is not stable under pH 4.0. Therefore
EPIZOTAN FHMN should be applied after the neutralization stage.
EPIZOTAN FHMN is not fully water-soluble


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