Technical Information


EPIZOTAN FHP is a light fast chromium-containing condensation product of phenolic sulphonic acids.

EPIZOTAN FHP has a very low astringency, thus it imparts a grain smoothness and fineness. As it has good stability to electrolytes, thus it is suitable for all procedures. It promotes briliant, intense shades.
Appearance:  Fine light greenish powder
Nature Condensation of phenolic sulphonic acids
Chromium oxide(Cr2O3) Min. 12 %
PH(1:10 solution) 2.2 - 3.1
Safety For more information refer to MSDS
Storage Conditions Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area (15-25°C), out of direct sunlight.
Packing 25 Kgs PE bags



Retanning with EPIZOTAN FHP completes the chrome tanning, so different wet blues can be largely normalized. Also it can be used in pretanning and tanning, so gives a good handle and outstanding dyeability.

EPIZOTAN FHP is a chrome syntan complex used for leathers, where the chrome character has to be conserved. Leathers retanned with EPIZOTAN FHP have the following properties:
-bright color
-excellent light fastness
-full, deep and brilliant shades are obtained with anioic dyes
-smooth grain
-high tear strength with high shrinkage temperature
-high full filling and round handle

General: 1-3% prior to neutralization (based on shaved weight).

Pretanning: 1-2% after pickling (based on pelt weight) in the same bath.


This information is given to the best of our knowledge. Because of the production and application conditions, all the above mentioned statements have to be evaluated to the circumstances of the processor before proceeding.