Technical Information


EPIZOCIDE FWB is a low toxic fungicide and biocide especially developed for wet blue protection against mould and fungus attack. EPIZOCIDE FWB is free of PCP and phenol derivatives. It is destroyed in high alkaline medias and sulphide containing liquors.
Appearance:  Clear brown liquid
Nature 2-Thio Cyanato Methyl Thio Benzothiazo / Para Chloro Metha Cresol (TCMTB / PCMC) based
Ionity Anionic/Nonionic
Moisture% Max. 1.5
Density(gr/cm3) 1.11 – 1.12
Activity% 20 of TCMTB and 30 of PCMC
PH (1:10 solution) 8 ± 1
Solubility Miscible with water
Safety This product is slightly toxic . for more information refer to MSDS
Storage Conditions Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area (15-25°C), out of direct sunlight.
Packing 30, 50 Kgs PE drums



EPIZOCIDE FWB must be added as a dispersion in order to assure a uniform distribution. This dispersion must be prepared just prior to use. Leathers which are properly treated with EPIZOCIDE FWB have shown good resistance to the fungus attack under storage conditions. For a long term preservation, it is advised to use a higher dosage of the product and finally applying a uniform superficial spraying prior to storage.

Our recommendation for use is :

Soaking                   Up to 0.05% based on raw weight

Pickling                   Up to 0.1% based on pickled weight and before acids addition

Tanning(Wet blue)    0.1 - 0.3% based on pickled weight and at the end of chrome tanning


Due to various methods of degreasing , processing and also the type of leather, our advice is without any guarantee. Please test with your own choice and formula and keep in certain condition and time duration for fine confirmation.


This information is given to the best of our knowledge. Because of the production and application conditions, all the above mentioned statements have to be evaluated to the circumstances of the processor before proceeding.