Technical Information


EPIZOWET P-1510 is an anionic soaking and wetting agent which is employed in various stages of leather processes.
Appearance:  Yellow liquid
Nature Alkyl aryl sulfonate
Activity % 5 ± 1
Ionity Anionic
PH(1:10 solution) 7 ± 1
Safety According to our best experience, it hasn’t any harmful effect on health.
Storage Conditions Store in a cool,dry,well-ventilated area(15-25°C)
Packing 100,200 Kgs open mouth PE drums



A small quantity of EPIZOWET P-1510 accelerates the soaking operation. If used in main degreasing,it is usually used for less greasy skins or hides (e.g. goat, cow). In the case of hides (which mainly need vaccum drying) , because of some slippery effect , it facilitates the squeezing off the wrinkles. Don’t use together with bating agents. The recommendation for use is :

Soaking:  Up to 0.5% based on raw weight

Wetting back(Retannage):  0.2-0.5% based on shaved weight


This information is given to the best of our knowledge. Because of the production and application conditions, all the above mentioned statements have to be evaluated to the circumstances of the processor before proceeding.