Technical Information


Flastopon FAG is a polymeric dispersing and sequestering agent. It can be used as a dye molecules remover, wash off auxiliary, anti-back staining, pigment dispersant, sequestering agent and etc.
Typical properties  
Appearance:  Clear Yellowish viscose liquid
Nature Polymer organic compound
PH (1:10 solution) 7.5-1
Activity % 45-1
Ionity Anionic
Safety According to our best experience, it does not have any harmful effect on health.



One of the most important problems in dyeing process of cotton fabrics with reactive dyes, is the hydrolyzed and unfixed dyes specially in dark shades.
so, in order to remove them the best suggestion is to use new generation of washing-off based on polymer compositions.

Flastopon FAG can provide the optimum conditions for the above process.
the consumption rate of RAG is recommended between 1-2% based on fabric weight for dark shades and 0.5-1% owf for light shades meanwhile the consumption rate of this product for reducing of water hardness should be between 1-2% owf.

Flastopon FAG can be used as a washing-off agent in wet process without
any effect on dye shade.
- Eliminates all impurities and dirt.


According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.