Technical Information


Flastopon FMA-100% is a mercerizing and caustic wetting agent for cotton and cotton/polyester yarns.
Typical properties  
Appearance:  Yellow lump
Nature Sulphated alcohol
Ionity Anionic (Free of salicylic acids)
Stability Resistant to caustic soda at all concentrations
Safety According to our best experience, it does not have any harmful effect



Flastopon FMA-100% is an odorless ( faintly aromatic odors ) and low foaming mercerizing and caustic wetting agent which can be used in mercerizing lies of up to 32 Be'.

Flastopon FMA-100% is an effective wetting agent in caustic soda from 2530 Be'.
Thus if possible, a caustic soda concentration should not be exceeded from Be'=32.
Due to the excellent wetting properties of Flastopon FMA on yarns and piece goods, a rapid penetration of the mercerizing lye is achieved, often previous scouring or kier-boiling unnecessary.

Reduced wear on the goods, improved feel, saving of working time and steam, reduction of scouring losses.
The optimum dosage of its consumption is about 0.5 – 2 gr/l


According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.