Technical Information

FLASTOSOFT PEW (Poly Ethylene based textile softener)

Flastosoft PEW is the only reactant polyethylene emulsion derivative. It can be used alone or with other finishing resins. It gives softer hand and suppler drape and improves tear strength, crease recovery and flexes abrasion resistance and makes it possible faster sewing rates.
Flastosoft PEW provides a permanent finish, with standing multiple launderings without appreciable loss.
It forms film on drying. It resists yellowish at high temperatures or on prolonged storages. When used on white fabrics recovery of whiteness is big and also improves the rubbing fastness of some dyes.
When Flastosoft PEW is used as an auxiliary in resin process, on chlorine impairment is observed. It provides better fastness to wet and dry cracking.
Appearance:  Milky high viscose liquid
Nature Polyethylene emulsion
PH(1:10 Solution) 7.5 ± 1
Solubility Dilutable in warm and cold water
Safety According to our best experience, It does not have any harmful effect on health.



Reduces or eliminates needle cutting sewing, especially helpful on tightly woven or knitted fabrics.
Reduces needle heat and build up of used synthetic fibers in sewing needles.
Increases tear strength.
Has excellent abrasion resistance.
Does not affect chlorine resistance.
Compatible with a wide variety of finishing chemicals.
Improves fabric smoothness in laundering and tumble dyeing.
Non-yellowing properties and excellent white in postured finishes.
No effect on light fastness.
Soft hand.
Excellent resistance to dry scorching when pressing treated fabric.
Reduces or prevents build up of latex formulations on padding and drying equipment.

Dosage: The exact concentration of Flastosoft PEW to be used will depend upon the actual working conditions but as a rough guide, will vary between 10-15%, based on weight of fabrics.


According to our best knowledge and technical experiments, the above data is true and accurate. Regarding to variety of consumption procedures, it is recommended to evaluate the information before use.