Textile Chemicals

Pretreatment Auxiliaries
FLASTOPON HPS Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer MSDS
* FLASTOPON DR-23 Oil Remover MSDS
* FLASTOPON FW-22 Wetting Agent MSDS
FLASTOFIX PAF Polymeric Anti-creasing Agent MSDS
* FLASTOPON FMA-100 Mercerizing Wetting Agent MSDS
FLASTOPON FS-18 Sequestering Agent MSDS
FENTRASIN DT-22 Multi Purpose Silicone Defoamer MSDS
FENTRASIN VD-30 High Viscosity Silicone Defoamer MSDS
FENTRASIN DS-100 Concentrated Silicone Defoamer MSDS

Dyeing Bath Auxiliaries
FLASTOPON FAG Polymeric Dispersing and Sequestering Agent MSDS
FLASTOFIX N Pigment Fixing Agent MSDS
FLASTOPERSE FT-100 Powder Dispersing Agent ( condensation product of naphthalene sulphonic ) MSDS
FLASTOFIX FVT Resin Based Anti Creasing Agent MSDS  
Finishing agents  
FLASTOFIX UNV Universal Silicone Softener MSDS  
SMOOTMAX FN Flake Form Nonionic Softener MSDS
SMOOTMAX FC Flake Form Cationic Softener MSDS  
* FLASTOSOFT FIB Macro Emulsion Softener MSDS  
* FLASTOSOFT FIC-517 Micro Emulsion Softener MSDS  
* FLASTOWAX FPE Flake Form Oxidized and Emulsified Poly Ethylene Wax MSDS  
FLASTOSOFT PE-W Poly Ethylene Based Softener MSDS  
Note : we are able to produce *  mentioned products in concentrated forms.