Leather Chemicals

Sodium Sulphide (Na2S) Yellow Flake 60-62% (Fe˂ 10 ppm) MSDS  
Formic Green Formic Acid 85% Substitution MSDS
Sodium Formate 98% Synthetic Product MSDS
Deliming Agents
EPIZODEL N Leather Full Deliming Agent MSDS
EPIZODEL X2 Leather Full Deliming Agent MSDS  
EPIZOCIDE FLQ-30 TCMTB Based Fungicide and Anti Mould MSDS  

Bating Agents
EPIZOZYME ANWA Enzymatic Anti Wrinkling Agent MSDS  
EPIZOZYME BE-1500 Pancreatic Bating Agent MSDS  
EPIZOZYME BP-1500 Protease Bating Agent MSDS

Wetting and Degreasing Agents

EPIZOWET P-1510 Anionic Seaking and Wetting Agent MSDS  
EPIZOWET P-2510 Anionic Seaking and Wetting Agent MSDS  
EPIZOCLEAN S Nonionic Degreasing Agent MSDS
EPIZOCLEAN 6602 Special Nonionic Degreasing Agent MSDS  
Tanning & Retanning Agents (Syntans)    
Basic Chromium Sulphate Basic Chromium Sulphate, 33% basicity, 25% Chrome content MSDS  
EPIZOTAN FR-8800 Acrylic syntan , Acrylic retanning agent 30% MSDS  
EPIZOTAN FR-5400 Acrylic syntan , Acrylic retanning agent 40% MSDS
EPIZOTAN CRS Chrome Syntan - Homogenous Color MSDS
EPIZOTAN FP2 Naphthalene Based Synthetic Syntan , Naphthalene Based Retanning Agent MSDS  
EPIZOTAN FRW Bleaching Syntan For White Leather MSDS
EPIZOTAN FOS Replacement Syntan, Retanning Agent MSDS
EPIZOTAN FPR Naphthalene Based Synthetic Lightfast Syntan, Naphthalene Synthetic Retanning Agent MSDS
EPIZOTAN FOK Neutralizing Syntan, Neutralizing Retanning Agent MSDS  
EPIZOTAN FPAK Neutralizing Syntan with Buffering Effect MSDS  
EPIZOTAN FF7 Resin Tanning Agent, Resin Tanning Agent , Resin Retanning Agent MSDS
EPIZOTAN FHMN Amino resin Syntan MSDS  
EPIZOTAN F-DLE Phenolic Lightfast Syntan Specially For White Tanning MSDS
EPIZOTAN FBC Dihydroxydiphenyl-sulphonic Condensation Product MSDS
EPIZOTAN FRN Aluminum Tanning Agent Containing Chrome , Aluminum Retanning Agent MSDS
EPIZOTAN FD Resin Retanning Agent (Melamine Condensation) MSDS
EPIZOTAN ALS Aluminum Based Tanning Agent MSDS

Fatliquors (Fatliquoring Agents)

Epizoliquor ATS Sulfonated Natural Fatliquor MSDS
EPIZOLIQUOR SAP Vegtable & Synthetic Blend MSDS
EPIZOLIQUOR PFL Sulphonated Marine Oil Fatliquor MSDS
EPIZOLIQUOR PM-2220 Sulphited Marine Oil Based Fatliquor MSDS  
EPIZOLIQUOR S-1194 Anionic Synthetic Fatliquor For All Kinds of Natural Leather MSDS
EPIZOLIQUOR FN-91 Synthetic and Natural Condensation Fatliquor MSDS
EPIZOLIQUOR PSL Sulphited Combination Of Lanolin With Natural Fatty Raw Materials , Based Fatliquors MSDS
EPIZOLIQUER PUF Sulphated and Sulphonated Natural and Synthetic Oil , Based fatliquors MSDS  
Finishing Auxiliaries      
Epizolaque FNC Water Based NC Lacquer MSDS
EPIZOWAX PE-W Nonionic Wax , Leather Finishing Wax MSDS